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Ecology & Evolution Research Centre
University of New South Wales

  • Gene expression

    Understanding how gene regulation can explain shifts in developmental trajectories and phenotypic variation.

  • Complex signals

    Understanding the role of female choice and environmental constraints in the evolution of complex multi-modal signals.

  • Understanding fitness

    Examining the the interaction between the different suites of traits associated with fitness.

  • Contests and experience

    The role of phenotypes, experience and context in contest outcomes.

Current funded projects in the Kasumovic Lab

Genomics of Plasticity

We use crickets to examine the role gene regulation plays in plastic developmental tactics in response to the social environment.

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Understanding Contexts

We use field studies to examine the importance of social interactions and competitive contexts in understanding fitness.

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Multi-modal Signals

We use the Peacock spider to examine the role of female choice and environmental complexity in the evolution of multi-modal signals.

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Interested in our lab?

What we do -- We are interested in understanding how individuals maximize fitness in a infinitely variable and rapidly fluctuating environment. Our goal is to understand how information gathered during the juvenile period can help individuals navigate their future challenges.

Wanna join? -- We are looking for honours, Ph.D. and Post-docs to join the lab.
Not self funded? There are other possibilities that we can help you with.

Love snowboarding? So do we! -- We love research, but hell with it if it gets in the way of hitting the slopes!
We always make sure to find time to shred when the conditions are right.

Field & Lab work -- We use both laboratory and field approaches in an attempt to integrate our understanding of how selection fluctuates in nature, and how individuals respond both developmentally and behaviourally.

G4m1ng rul35! -- Why is everyone drawn to games? Why is there a gender difference in the games people play? Check out our blog at the evolved gamer for more information. In the meantime, it looks like many games will have to be played to find out.

News in the Kasumovic Lab

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