In a world where research is held by corporate rule,
only one team has the courage to take a stand...

Kasumovic Lab

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An International Team

An International Team

We work locally with teams found globally.

Our team has a diverse set of skills, but sometimes you need outside help. When we do, we have connections all over the world.

The truth can’t hide forever.

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We Need You

We Need You

Searching for the truth is not without danger.

Some members become lost during their search and we’re always in search of new members to replace them. We’ll become strong enough to save all those trapped by the lies.

There’s safety in numbers.

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Meet the Team


The leader of this troupe of scientists dedicated to sharing knowledge. He seeks the truth and those that wish to uncover it.


An assassin that ensures the safety of the group and their research, quickly dispatching any meddlers.


A psy-chic of unimaginable power, she focuses her mind's eye to uncovering the mysteries of communication.


A mad scientist shunned by industry for his combining of biology, chemistry, and engineering to develop the perfect material.


A medic entangled in the search for the perfect material, exploring what affects the limits of organic silk.


A decker existing in the cracks between shadows and lies, dedicated to bringing truth to the surface.

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