Evolution & video games

Evolution & video games

There is no question that video games are now part of our culture. Despite this understanding, we still know very little about why people are so drawn to playing games and why they play the games they do. One interesting facet of the gaming community is that men have a stronger preference for violent games. Why and what can this tell us about men and women?

To understand why men are drawn to such games, we explore gaming preferences and decisions, and manipulate the rivals and teammates players perceive they are playing with. These explorations allow us to examine gamers from an evolutionary angle and allow us insight into mate preferences, mating strategies and some of best and worst behaviours humans express. One f my favourite aspects of this research is that I’ve finally been able to incorporate my love of video games!

Researchers involved: Michael Kasumovic, Tom Denson, and Libby Hatcher



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February 13, 2015

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